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Trigger Warning

Right. I got a letter in the post from ACC on Friday.

It was dated the 4th of July and it stated “We’re sorry, we can’t approve your claim”

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Auckland was great!

I had the experience of working out of a hotel for 4 days- would definitely do it again but perhaps would be less hungover on a few mornings.

I was working things through my usual place of employment, with the madam taking my calls and enquiries and setting me up appointments during my hours of availability- pretty much how it works when I’m working normally, except for my venue being a hotel room rather than our little fancy premises.

Travelling through airports with about 4 dildos and 3 vibrators in my backpack was interesting (they were too heavy to go in my luggage) and I definitely got at least a few strange looks after having my bags scanned. Read the rest of this entry »

Phone Sex

Phone sex, huh? Guess it’s time for a bit of a titillating, tell-all glimpse into my life as a sex worker. Let’s set the scene:

At home, listening to Edith Piaf, eating Reese’s peanut butter candy, rolling a spliff. Wearing: leopard-print high-waisted leggings, a Dead Kennedies t-shirt, and a blue beanie. Phone rings.

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Wellington Aotearoa Slutwalk 25/6/11

Today I went to the Wellington slutwalk.

First things first, my outfit:

Rainbow patterned undies

Knee-High Grey Socks and Canvas Lace-ups

A Black Singlet


The front of the crowd at Wellington Slutwalk 2011- Photo credit Jason Mann

(I have made an approximation HERE)

Update: Have added some links (at end of blog) to media reports, blogs, and round-ups of photos.

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Brace yourself, Auckland

Further to yesterday’s post, I’m definitely planning on writing another piece about my dealings with ACC during the sensitive claim process, about therapy and processes, and perhaps another blog about my experiences of confronting sexual violence in the punk community.

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Breaking the silence…

I’ve been outta the blogosphere a bit.

I’ve had a pretty intense on-again off-again all over the show breakup. It’s now officially over. I’m going up to the old house to pick up the rest of my cleaning products and have one last angsty smoke staring out the windows at the glorious view of the southern bays. The view I kinda imagined sitting and staring at all year, or doing crafts with the kids in front of, or making out with Beardface in front of.

But now I’m living in a house on the Terrace with another sex worker, who’s doing post-grad study and generally excelling in being the best, most communicative, nurturing, and lovable flatmate ever. The view may not be as great but the feeling of safety and emotional warmth inside my home is a very good experience for me.

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Get yr laws outta my drawers!!

Hopefully given it’s prochoicenz blogswarm day there will be plenty of other great witticisms to compensate for my strung-out brain and my attempt at a slogan will be overwhelmed by catchier wordplay.

Today is World Health Day, and a perfect opportunity to discuss the continued presence of abortion in the Crimes Act in NZ. Abortion is healthcare, not a crime. Check out the rest of the amazing #prochoicenz blogswarm here  Read the rest of this entry »

Air NZ- april fools joke

This is the letter of complaint I wrote in response to Air NZs really really unfunny April Fools Joke site.

I also am gonna do a phone interview with Radio Live about it, will give details as I know!

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Mental Health

I wrote a post last night while I was a bit intoxicated, it was largely just a rant about mental health and depression.
It’s been over 6 months now that I’ve been on anti-depressants, and it’s been a significant change in my life.
I’ve been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, and lots of things that have been apparent to me for quite some time are finally beginning to make sense.
I go to weekly therapy, which is government-funded (for now) and I have open-minded, supportive, and loving family and friends.

But sometimes I still give in to the urge, on a stormy Sunday night, to post stream-of-consciousness sad posts on the internet, and it’s been happening since I was 15 and I’m sure it’ll happen again.

I deleted it though, because in the light of day and once I’ve taken some mood stabilizers, I never really think things are as bad as they seem in the middle of the night. Doesn’t make my emo rants any less valid, merely that I don’t want them recorded on this part of my blogging.

But thanks for the lovely comments you guys made.. I am lucky to be surrounded by such support!


Every child a wanted child

This post is another fine example of my procrastination skills. I’ve taken a mental health day off uni today- I had awful, tiring, scary nightmares once I finally drifted off last night, this weekend is the final weekend the kids (my partner’s, 2 of them, aged 4 and 10) will be in the country, and I don’t have my usual Friday therapy this week. It just all seemed like a bit too much, so I thought I’d stay at home and get some study procrastinating done while hanging out with the cat.

But instead, I’m raging. About National attempting to reduce welfare even further, cutting support for pregnant women on the dole, this 3 year old girl not being able to get basic healthcare in NZ: here, I am raging that today, Cuba Kebabs STAFF directed homophobic abuse at a customer, and I am also rather fuming about this and this and especially this and I’m also really mad that my beautiful friend got beaten in the street a few weeks ago after he finished closing up (late) at his job in a sex toy store. This world is just really enraging sometimes.

Today I’ll write about the latest thing that’s happened to edge me closer and closer towards feminist hulk:

Last weekend, Victoria University were terrific hosts to a pro-choice gathering. People from around the country dedicated to working towards reproductive freedom and improving the current abortion law congregated in Wellington and talked and cuddled babies and ate good food and had wonderful amazing filthy hippie type times together. It was a really great weekend, and I ended up more clucky than ever due to cuddling all of the adorable little infants in attendance over the weekend. I got to meet some amazing new people and I’m going to take on some hysterical broad in the media duties and start making a bit of a fuss.

While this was happening, someone walked into the Womens Room in the Student Union Building on that very same campus and ripped down posters, stole and destroyed books on abortion, and tore and vandalised pro-choice zines from the zine library. While WE were organising around extending our political rights and strengthening social justice in this country, someone was taking a stand against us by PHYSICALLY DESTROYING our space.

Shit just got real, huh? This dialogue of violence, dominating dialogue with their moralising and controlling ideas about fertility, sexuality, and bodies, and refusing to engage in mature debate about the subject- that sure seems to be a trend in the anti-choice brigade.

If they’d thought it through, they would have realised it would just motivate us all to hold onto this struggle- we talked at conference about how the anti-choice side would not listen to our opinions quietly. Implementing effective legislative reform and removing abortion from the Crimes Act will raise the hackles of the conservatives and the religious nutters. And I want to piss in their churches, to reclaim the vandalism of the women’s room. But I probably won’t.