Mindless Ramblings

by Ms Dentata

So, New Zealand’s having awful winter storms. Just in case you hadn’t heard.

Anyway, while trying to stagger my way down my steep, icy, snow-covered driveway yesterday I realised one thing. In 16 months I might be in Russia! An actual winter wonderland.

Even more exciting, in 15 months I may be finished with law school. Done. Graduated.

I could be a lawyer before the time I’m 25.

This is all pretty exciting, but it also fills me with a bit of worry about the future. Graduating, travelling, and finding a *grown-up* job is all pretty fucking choice. All of these things come with extra responsibilities though.

Mostly I’m freaking out that nobody will give me a job.

In other news, I really really need a kitten or a bunny in my life.

This is pretty much just a brain offload, there is absolutely no point to my ramble. Except to say, further to my rather cathartic posts recently, that things have improved for me somewhat and I’m sleeping better and much less anxious. My employers have been really helpful, my flatmate is a celestial being and a great nurturer, and my mum’s coming up in a few weeks to spend some time with me. Things are looking up. They’re still a bit shit sometimes, but they’re gonna get better constantly.