ACC Update

by Ms Dentata

Just a quick post today.

I tried (and failed AGAIN) at getting hold of my claim administrator, so I left a passive aggressive message talking about my feelings, and called his manager (thanks to a very lovely person giving me some useful info and numbers) and she was AWESOME.

She answered the phone straight away, was super friendly, and really helpful. The reason I got the claim denied letter was due to the 9 month statutory period for making a decision passing, but they are still ‘investigating’ my claim even tho it is officially denied. So basically I’ll go to this psychologist (once she’s finally back in her office and i can get hold of her) and get my assessment, they’ll get a report back and make another decision. Right.

Beautifully, though, I can call up the manager I spoke to if my funded sessions with my counsellor run out before than and request more support sessions. This eases all my worries about being left without support whilst waiting for an ACC decision.