A response to ‘models to offer our daughters’

by Ms Dentata

Martin van Beynan, whoever you are, I’m a bit pissy at you right now.

Mostly coz in this opinion piece, lamenting about the state of femininity today, you not only diss Slutwalk, you also completely misunderstand the revolutionary nature of Hermoine Granger, and you also try and claim that Rupert Murdoch’s wife should be a role model. What for? Oh right, for trying to stop someone pie-ing her bastard husband. Personally, I’d prefer a single daughter to a daughter prepared to marry and defend a rich untrustworthy lying capitalist douchebag.

I recently saw a movie that I think contains some really great role models for ‘our daughters’.

It’s called “Teeth’ and it features a really lovely and polite and sweet and modest young girl. Then someone tries to rape her, and her vagina dentata kill him. Isn’t it awesome! Not only was she (and let’s remember how you say this) “a father’s answer to the prayer for a feisty, studious, stylish, hard-working, chaste, loyal and courageous young role model” but she then ALSO managed to kick the bad man’s ass. And her molesty yuck brother. And other examples of sexual violence, she manages to protect her ‘chaste’ self. Of course, my fave part of the movie is then when she realises she can have pleasurable and consensual sex and her teeth won’t damage her partner.

Coz really, for me, if I were a parent I wouldn’t want ‘chaste’ role models. I’d want role models who owned and realised their own sexuality (and yes kids have a sexuality, but it’s much different to media portrayals) and I’d want a range of role models with sexualities from raging flamboyant pansexuals to raging  flamboyant asexuals, but I sure wouldn’t be worried about protecting my daughter from all these role models (like us slutwalk ladies) who OWN and are PROUD of our bodies and our sexualities. I hope yr daughter has some of those body-proud role models in her life, Mister van Beynan