by Ms Dentata

Auckland was great!

I had the experience of working out of a hotel for 4 days- would definitely do it again but perhaps would be less hungover on a few mornings.

I was working things through my usual place of employment, with the madam taking my calls and enquiries and setting me up appointments during my hours of availability- pretty much how it works when I’m working normally, except for my venue being a hotel room rather than our little fancy premises.

Travelling through airports with about 4 dildos and 3 vibrators in my backpack was interesting (they were too heavy to go in my luggage) and I definitely got at least a few strange looks after having my bags scanned.

I got reckless and wrestled babes, I listened to good bands, I ate tasty food, and I paid off a smidge of some debts.

I got a new tattoo and have plans to expand it into a sleeve!

I also met a super babin boy who hopefully will be to mine sometime soon to spend a weekend distracting me from study.

Overall- was not quite as busy as I’d optimistically hoped but it was certainly financially worthwhile and a ridiculous amount of fun.

I’m aware this is a very superficial and breezy post, but I am planning to post tomorrow, a little piece I’ve been working on on the blurry lines of friendships and client relationships, the rules I have around them, the dear friends I’ve met thru the industry etc.