Wellington Aotearoa Slutwalk 25/6/11

by Ms Dentata

Today I went to the Wellington slutwalk.

First things first, my outfit:

Rainbow patterned undies

Knee-High Grey Socks and Canvas Lace-ups

A Black Singlet


The front of the crowd at Wellington Slutwalk 2011- Photo credit Jason Mann

(I have made an approximation HERE)

Update: Have added some links (at end of blog) to media reports, blogs, and round-ups of photos.

It was an intense, emotionally challenging, empowering, tiring, motivating, and cathartic. I marched, I yelled, I got stared at by some very leery types, I wore rainbow undies in public, and I loved it. I cried 3 times, when speakers were sharing their experiences of sexual abuse. I felt nurtured and exposed and I felt a beautiful sense of solidarity.

It was such a huge success and I also felt a heart-lifting surge of love for mah main girl Nicole when she stood up and spoke. We’re involved in the Wellington Young Feminist Collective together as admin, and she’s the original founding lady. Did I mention she’s a babe? The speakers were eloquent, articulate, full of righteous feminist fury, and I feel like I fell a little bit in love with everyone who was there.

Then I came home and did a phone sex session for money-  I’m going to write about that tomorrow…stay tuned.


Upated links:

Please comment or send me an e-mail if you want me to add any links to this round-up, I’m feeling pretty lazy Sunday morning right now!

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