Brace yourself, Auckland

by Ms Dentata

Further to yesterday’s post, I’m definitely planning on writing another piece about my dealings with ACC during the sensitive claim process, about therapy and processes, and perhaps another blog about my experiences of confronting sexual violence in the punk community.

These can all wait for a few days while I regain some headspace and get ready for my last exam for the semester on Friday!

Super excitingly, it’s only 7 days until I take off to Auckland for a bit of a working holiday. The way it’s being run is I’ll be working thru my usual employer, she’ll be taking my calls and organising bookings, she booked my tickets to and from Auckland, and she’s already advertising the hell out of this trip.



Because I’m paying for the hotel room, the usual agency/WG cut is being changed in my favour. Win win win! (PS I LOVE my boss, so much)

I’m pretty excited about it, but quite nervous also. The nature of the industry is unpredictable at the best of times, and so investing the money required for return flights and 4 nights in a nice hotel (= not cheap) is quite an outlay for a typically broke-ass student like me. Add to this the fact that no matter how much interest is shown, unless someone’s paid a deposit on an advance-booking, it’s almost impossible to know just how much business you will get on any given day!

However, if I see even just 3 clients each day for 4 days, I will earn enough to entirely pay off my overdraft. It will be a beautiful feeling.