Air NZ- april fools joke

by Ms Dentata

This is the letter of complaint I wrote in response to Air NZs really really unfunny April Fools Joke site.

I also am gonna do a phone interview with Radio Live about it, will give details as I know!

I was directed to your ‘joke’ grabaseat site today, and what I found there meant I will no longer be purchasing flights through AirNZ.

I realise it is intended as an April Fools Joke, as you are clear to indicate- but I have a problem with the fact that you would make such offensive statements and believe that saying “Happy April Fools” removes any responsibility for the hurt caused.

Generally, society is pretty fat-hating. Fat people are portrayed as objects to be laughed at, as hapless losers or as greedy individuals lacking in self-control. The text that appears on this site does nothing but reinforce the negative images that exist about fat and fat people.

From saying (with a result of ONLY 73 kgs for a female- which is not much heavier than the average weight of a NZ woman) “Wooah! The cakes you must have seen in your time” to your response with my age/weight-22 and 105 kgs

You’re 105kgs? Really?

Whoa Nelly! We’re gonna’ have to adjust the planes load balancing!

Happy April Fools!

Almost as bad as this body-policing and issuing of judgemental statements about people’s bodies is the fact that you have framed this as a ‘health-positive’ plan by Air NZ and statements such as “make sure you lay off the pies and the Tim-Tams before you travel” imply that fat always equals unhealthy, and that people only ever gain weight due to poor nutrition.

It has been proven time and time again that weight gain does not always happen due to ‘unhealthy’ choices. Medication, stress, injury, depression, aging, hormonal fluctuations, and external lifestyle factors can all have huge factors on a person’s weight and metabolism.

Your suggestion that laying off the pies will help people lose weight is a clear example of a diet culture- just abstain from the ‘bad’ foods (ie foods that are marked by society as bad) and you will get back to a socially acceptable weight! In reality, dieting and attempting short-term fixes do far more damage to an individual’s health than longer-term, less drastic, lifestyle choices will.

Regardless of what the appropriate ‘fix’ to something you are portraying as clearly negative is, however, you have lost my custom (and many of those around me) due to your insensitive body-policing and weight-related insults. It is a judgemental, misguided, and frankly hugely offending way to discuss MY fat.

Rachael Wright