Looong overdue update

by Ms Dentata

Well hello there, faithful followers.

I have been lazy. Lazy, and slightly depressed, and managing to pass university rather well. I’ve finished in my supervisor role at the brothel (long story ,that, but depressingly undramatic). I got a phone call a few weeks after I left asking me back- apparently conflict with the strip club in the same building increased after I left, and several of the girls were unhappy without me. Sweet to be missed, ain’t it?

ANYWAY. I’m now working at a sex toy store- brilliant! It’s very nice to be in a job with slightly less responsibility and amazingly saner hours. Plus selling people vibrators/buttplugs/restraints/erotica makes me SO HAPPY. It’s a women-owned, porn-free environment and the other staff here are so great- a bunch of sassy body-positive, sex-positive, hilarious tuff laydees.

Minimum wage sucks, but a job that makes me saner is such a blessing I cannot even begin to articulate!

So, really, that’s all that’s interesting in my life right now. Oh, and I think I may have almost become a non-smoker. And I’m broke. And did I ever tell you I have one of the sweetest boyfs in the world? (But apparently people are sick of hearing about that…)

Gros Bisous