Your love gives me such a thrill… but your love won’t pay my bills

by Ms Dentata

This. This topic is going to be a series of posts- fo’ sho’.

I occasionally snoop around on– a forum consisting of discussion about the sex industry (and all forms of sexuality…) and escort reviews. The membership consists of a few girls with HEAPS of sass and good contributions and lots and lots of punters with too much time on their hand (one female punter at this stage). Sometimes the forum blows me away with great, honest, open-minded discussions of sexuality, and sometimes I’m reminded that sadly a lot of our customers in this industry still have far too much heterosexist, patriarchal, classist, racist, fat-phobic conditioning to work through.

The threads that have been particularly interesting to me, however, are the following four;

1) how men cope with partners who are W/L (

2)Would a retiring WG ever date/marry a punter? (

3)How Many W/G quit for their partners? (


4)would you ever date/marry a whore? (

This last one is just too funny. A question which leaves completely silent the desires of the womyn involved, and presumes a desire on their part… a question which consists solely of men on the internet discussing why they think ‘whore’s (totes a word that atm, is only okay if it’s said in an explicitly reclaimed sense!!) should be distinguished from ‘normal’ womyn as a date-worthy/non-date-worthy class.

So. Keep an eye out, I’m gonna start on a series of blogs about ‘personal’ relationships and working, how they interact, how work relationships can transcend into the non-financial sense.  How working and monogamy can work together, why non-monogamy and working was perfect for me- and specifically how being in a monogamous relationship has made being in the industry quite different.