Excerpt from my evening:

by Ms Dentata

me: “Sorry sir, all of our ladies are currently unavailable” 

Him: “No, you’re here!” 

Me: *Polite laugh* “No, but I’m not available” 

Him: “Yes, you are” 

Me: “You don’t have the money I’d charge” 

Him: “Ah, but I’ve got the charm”  

Me: *awkward laugh* “No, but in all seriousness, we have 2 ladies available in 30 minutes” 

Him: “But what are you going to do for 30 minutes? You’re not busy!” 

Me: “I’m going to sit here answering phones, and being monogamous” 

Him: “We could be monogamous together!” 

Me: “You smell funny and you should leave” 

Don’t cross the line, bitches.