An ode to the back door

by Ms Dentata

So, this week I’ve had more viewers than ever before. Excite!

I’m going to attempt my first sex-advice blog, and then I’m going to get onto some serious revision for this upcoming Public Law exam. Woohoo

I’m going to start with the topic that has probably earned me the most briliant first-impression moments. Anal sex. I talk about ass-fucking wayyyyyyyyyy too much. However, it’s for a reason;

Being ‘fucked in the ass’ is all too commonly used as an euphemism for being completely disrespected as a person. The way it’s commonly used, you’d think someone stimulating your anus is an unpleasant experience, rather than the good as fun-time rock’n’roll party that it actually is!

I would just like to say, as a strong sassy lady who is definitely unashamed of my own sexual tastes and sexual self-determination, if you ever hear me saying “oh my god that bastard fucked me right in the ass” it’s definitely going to be with a gleeful tone, referring to the beautiful individual who gave my anus a right reaming. It’s all about pleasure, folks- not about degradation. Hopefully one day the wider world will realise this.

(Ooops 250 words already… Let’s get to some anal pleasure tips!)

This is very much the basic anal advice- I promise a more detailed post (or posts) expanding on anal toys, bending over yr boyfriend, the biological reasons why anal sex is provably WAY COOL, the best ways to keep it ‘clean’, the intricate details of maximum strap-on service, and my fave roleplays to accompany anal play. Yum. Here’s some starter tips, anyway.

1) Communication communication communication. The most important part of any healthy sex life. Whether it’s with a one-night stand, a casual partner, or a long-term monogamous relationship (or anything inbetween), any sexual experience will be a million times later if it’s clear what you both want and are/not comfortable with. I cannot even stress enough that you should at the very least discuss the idea of it… or if things start heading towards Vegemite Valley, check that yr partner’s quite stoked on the idea.

2) Safety As with any sex, make sure yr fingernails are trimmed and clean, make sure you’ve got lube, condoms, dams on hand, and if you’re paranoid about poo and the like, you may prefer to have a shower before. I personally disagree with the thought that sex is better if yr freshly showered- I like a bit of musk from time to time.. but if it makes you feel more comfortable then do it. Ensure that you’re well prepared and MOST IMPORTANTLY ensure that whatever touches the anus does not touch other body parts. Using condoms on sex toys and on dicks is an easy way to avoid cross-contamination, and wearing latex gloves is a great way to avoid having to wash hands in the middle of sex (often a mood-killer).

3)Lube it up! The backdoor doesn’t produce it’s own lube, so it’s important to give it some assistance! Anal sex can and should be pain-free, but if you don’t use enough lubricant it’s definitely not going to be as good as it can. Remember to use water-based lubricants, but more importantly make sure you’ve used the lube before- you wanna make sure you’ve got a good one.

4)Take it slow! Anal sex is not all about the penetration. If yr into it, rimming can be incredibly good- and a good warm-up to penetration if that’s where yr heading. Playing with a lubed-up figure is also a good way to ease into penetration with something bigger- and if you’re both novices you may just wanna spend a few weeks playing with little steps (or you may never wanna go further than a finger, and that’s also fuckin choice)

Now kids, enjoy yr anal fun, remember to communicate well and play it safe, and here’s a handy link for you (I’m yet to find something amazing and free from heteronormative language)