Welcome, hos and hobangers

by Ms Dentata

Oh hey there, friends of the interweb!

I’ve always been fine with second and third impressions, it’s the first that really throws me…

I tend to come across as far too loud-mouthed and trashy, though I think that may become pretty much my shtick, and it generally isn’t until after people have met me a few times that they begin to take me seriously. Or something like that. It’s safe to say that I’m pretty sick of people doing well-intentioned drunk rants at me about how they realise now (but not when they first met me) that I’m ACTUALLY smart (etc etc) and they actually respect me now. Not that I get offended by people assuming I’m just a hedonistic loud-mouthed ho when they first meet me- but I do get offended by the fact that they think it’s remarkable that I have interests further than this.

ANYWAY. Now that I’ve made a really great first impression.. let’s get down to the basics. I’m 21, fat and sassy, a busty crude wannabe burlesque girl who’s more into the shock value than the posturing, though goddamn I do look good in a corset. I’ve worked in strip clubs, peep  shows, brothels, dungeons, and am currently a ‘supervisor’ at ya typical meat-market get-in get-off get-out type brothel.

Names are all being changed to protect the not-so-innocent, and even if you think you know who I am, you’ll never prove it! Right?

I guess the logical place for me to start would be outlining and defining my basic definitions and presumptions. This’ll probably take me the better part of a year, but as any big-busted laydee knows- it’s all about the foundations.

So, firstly:

-I would describe myself as an anarcha-feminist. In broad terms, this means (to me) that I do not see feminism as a clear-cut matter of gender, but rather as part of wider social oppressions and hierarchies of privilege. I see womyn’s oppression as inextricably linked to patriarchy, just as homophobia, transphobia, racism, classism, able-bodied privilege, and fatphobia all are. Of course, I always feel that I am not educated enough about anything, but the links down below provide some good stuff I’ve read (and some that I haven’t). Add to this feeling of under education the fact that despite holding quite an anarchist belief about the world, I am studying law, hence inevitably ending up working within the system, a system I fundamentally disagree with. Much as I love anarchist theory, I think the main problem for me is believing in revolution.. but perhaps that’s something I’ll resolve with time!

-I would also describe myself as sex-radical and sex-positive. To boil it down, I essentially disagree with most arguments linking womyn’s oppression to sexuality. I believe that in a patriarchal and oppressive society, it is logical that the way we learn about sexuality, just as every other area of society, will be patriarchal and oppressive in its nature. However, I believe that it’s SO POSSIBLE to change this, and to even have healthy and respectful consensual sexual encounters of all sorts (gay, ‘straight’, trans, group, non-monogamous, anonymous, BDSM, paid, ‘free’, ANYTHING) with a little bit of awareness and thought.

-I also, in case you can’t tell, type pretty stream-of-consciousness rambling style things with no clear ending in sight. So, in the interests of keeping you reading, I’m gonna call it a day. Check out the links. Coming up next blog: my fundamental position on sex work (and the decriminalisation within most of Australasia)





http://sexisnottheenemy.tumblr.com/ (blocked on my university computers, can you believe?! Great blog with heaps of beautiful and natural pictures of all forms of sexy love times)